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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Our Second Day In Vienna

Austria's capitol offers many attractions, and today we went off on our own to see five more. We took the subway to Stephansnplatz, and then visited St. Peters church, a little Baroque gem. Afterwards we walked to the museum quarter. There in the wonderful Leopold Museum the collection features important 20th century artists, such as Koloman Moser, Oskar Kokoschka, Gustav Klimt and the little-known tragic Richard Gersh. The museum also has the world's largest collection of works by Egon Schiele, long a favorite. Seeing more of his works deepened our appreciation for his honest and deeply thought-out paintings. After, we had lunch at "The Kaiser's Bakery," Demel. It's rich menu justified the fame of Vienna's cuisine. At the painting gallery of the fine arts school we saw works by Guardi, Rembrandt and Bosch's amazing "Last Judgement" triptych. Finally, around the corner we visited Olbrichs Secession building with its Klimt "Beethoven Frieze." - Dan

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