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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Happened To Obama?

Hillary won big yesterday. All bets are off. It seems to me that this means the Democrats have a BIG problem: two strong candidates but only one can win. To me it looks like the scenario for a "Unity" ticket, meaning that they both run - either Clinton-Obama, or Obama-Clinton. Any other outcome will tear the party apart and pave the way for a McCain victory. Let's see if the Party elite coalesce around this idea and make it happen.


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Anonymous said...

She is counting on the fatigue of the electorate not to want to go the distance in an all out fight - but she has sowed too many seeds that Obama is "not ready" - that it is dangerous for him to be picking up that phone and be entrusted with our economic concerns - so much so that according to Pew 20% of Democrats will not vote for him - she wants that number to increase and will do anything accomplish it.
But she (and her supporters) will say it's not because she is "mean" but because she is our tough more experienced sainted Mother who wants to protect us. This is why she MUST fight on - all the way to the convention and why and a Obama/Clinton ticket is not acceptable.
Rather, she will put forth (and has on all the morning shows today) that the only way out of this mess is a Clinton/Obama ticket -It solves all our problems, addresses all our concerns (that she has created/brought to light) - she then is the Party uniter and if Obama refuses - that shows he is really a divider.
Trust me, this is the subtext of everything going forward. Meanwhile she will do everything to freeze the superdelegates and whittle down Obama's lead - including revotes - while she brings everyone to the same consensus.