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Saturday, March 22, 2008

What Obama Cannot Say - Sam Harris

Author and free thinker Sam Harris over at HuffPo focuses on something else that Obama cannot tackle openly (in addition to the residual racism and pervasive stupidity of many Americans):

Despite all that he does not and cannot say, Obama's candidacy is genuinely thrilling: his heart
is clearly in the right place; he is an order of magnitude more intelligent than
the current occupant of the Oval Office; and he still stands a decent chance of
becoming the next President of the United States. His election in November
really would be a triumph of hope.
But Obama's candidacy is also depressing, for it
demonstrates that even a person of the greatest candor and eloquence must still
claim to believe the unbelievable in order to have a political career in this
country. We may be ready for the audacity of hope. Will we ever be ready for the
audacity of reason?

Harris is rightly critical of the role of organized religion in the oppression of the the black community, and the corrosive and corrupting effect that it has on American politics. Harris is right: no serious candidate for public office can acknowledge such a thing. But it is there.


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