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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bush Is Bushwacked By The Supreme Court

This is good. Columnist Eugene Robinson in today's Washington Post:
So yesterday, for the third time, the high court made clear that the Decider has
no authority to trash the fundamental principles of American jurisprudence. In
ruling 5 to 4 that foreigners held at Guantanamo Bay have the right to challenge their detentions in
federal court, the court cited the Constitution and the centuries-old concept of habeas corpus.
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's majority opinion seems broad and definitive
enough to end the Kafkaesque farce at Guantanamo once and for all.
"The laws
and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force, in extraordinary
times," Kennedy wrote. Again, it's amazing that any president of the United
States would need to have such a basic concept spelled out for him.
Well, it's not really all that amazing given that the president is dullard George W. Bush.
Is former Senator Sam Nunn from Georgia on Obama's short list for Vice President? Don't go there, Barry. Nunn is an anti-gay bigot who scapegoated gays and lesbians in the matter of gays in the military. He is one of the main reasons we still have "Don;'t Ask, Don't Tell." The gay community would rebel, and rightly so, if Barak selected Nunn.
PHOTO: A poster in Madrid attests to the active gay scene there.

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