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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I continue to notice...

I continue to notice the quiet reserve coming from the Whitehouse relative to our current economic debacle. It's been pretty quiet from the President and/or Vice President, especially pertaining to the ridiculously high oil prices.
GW and crew are definitely pandering to their base, no doubt about it. One statistic that has blared out at me is one the Whitehouse Economics briefing page.

Neocons may try and point to things getting better year over year. Seasonally adjusted disposable income increased by $89 whole dollars! Ok, so I won't use any straw man crap that I've heard on O'Reilly or Hannity or the other nuts out there. How about this:

If you are having trouble reading it, I'll help. The poverty level in 2003 was 12.5% and in 2004 it moved to 12.7%. 1.1 Million MORE people were in poverty than the prior year or 37 million total. Those stats aren't cherry picked or made up, they're right off the White House Econ site. And by the way, if you'd like to recognize some stats that matter, household income took a small loss. Not good because apparently it can mean the difference between eating/seeing a doctor and living below the poverty line.

Still think our chief executive should be thinking about our economy? If this were a company, most of the management would be seeing legal council about now. Wake up America, this is serious fuck up of epic proportions.


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