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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Read This Before You Buy Bolthouse Farms Products!

From Wikipedia:

"Bolthouse Farms, founded in 1915, is a vertically-integrated farm company located
in California's San Joaquin Valley
and headquartered in Bakersfield,
. According to the business research company Hoover's, Bolthouse Farms is
one of the United States's leading
producers of carrots.[1] Madison Dearborn
has a 57% stake in Bolthouse that was acquired in 2005, the
remainder of the company is still family-owned. The company has attracted
controversy due to their Conservative Christian political associations and due
to their handling of a botulism outbreak originating from their product."

Anti-Equality Activism
Bakersfield carrot farmer William Bolthouse donated $100,000 to an initiative aiming to fight gay marriage — a measure that will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot along with the presidential race. Source:

[edit] Bolthouse Foundation
Bolthouse Farms company profits are used to support the The Bolthouse Foundation[4], which supports groups including Evangelical Christian organizations.[5]
Controversy surrounds the foundation as it, along with figures such as Blackwater Worldwide founder Erik Prince, are major donors for the Alliance Defense Fund that is itself criticized for their perceived legal team offense against Separation of church and state (as defined in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution), their stance against homosexuality, their focus on proselytism, as well as their opposition to birth control and sex education amongst other reasons.[5][6]
The controversy surrounding the company has led some Bolthouse consumers to boycott Bolthouse Farms products[7]

From the Bolthouse Farms web site:

Corporate Philosophy

The purpose of this Company is to glorify God through our business
transactions, our work, and our relationships. It is further our desire to bring
honor and glory to the Name of Jesus Christ by following God's Word in all of
our dealings with employees, suppliers, and customers. God's Work as contained
in His Inspired Scriptures will be the final authority in all Corporate matters
concerning direction, decisions, and disputes.

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