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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Obama: Does He Or Doesn't He?

The New York Times on Obama's embrace of "Faith-Based Initiatives:"

Mr. Obama made clear, however, that he would work to ensure that charitable
groups receiving government funds be carefully monitored to prevent them from
using the money to proselytize and to prevent any religion-based discrimination
against potential recipients or employees...

While Mr. Obama opposes requiring religious tests for recipients of aid or
use of federal money to proselytize, The Associated Press reported that he
supports letting religious institutions -- in the non-federally funded parts of
their activities -- hire and fire based on faith, according to a senior adviser
to the campaign who the news agency said spoke on condition of anonymity.

These two paragraphs appear in the same article. Which is it? Does he or does he not support allowing religious organizations that get federal money to discriminate against people based on faith?


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