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Sunday, July 6, 2008

We'd Do Better With A Simple Political Lottery

New York Times columnist Frank Rich comments on what's going wrong lately with the Obana candidacy:
"Whether he’s reaffirming his long-held belief in faith-based programs or
fudging his core convictions about government snooping, he is drifting away from the leadership he promised and into the focus-group-tested calculation patented by Mark Penn in his disastrous campaign for Hillary Clinton."
How disappointing it must be for all those young idealistic supporters of Obama to now see him morphing into just another run-of-the-mill major party political hack. Many of us who experienced this same sort of phenomenon with Bill Clinton back in the 1990s are not surprised to see what Obama is becoming now. Our corrupt political system does this to everyone who runs for high office, apparently, or at least it does it to those who have a real chance to be elected. Only the fringe candidates with no chance of wining like Dennis Kuchinich and Ron Paul can remain true to their ideals. What kind of a screwed up political system do we have that operates like this? We'd do better with a simple lottery. Let all the candidates state how they REALLY, HONESTLY feel about the issues, then put all their names in a hat and have someone draw out the winner. At least then we'd get the real McCoy, and not some political Frankenstein.
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