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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Failure That Is Obama

Photo: view of Copenhagen

Marriage equality is stalled in New York state just as the president is about to attend gay fundraisers in NY for his campaign. Yet he refuses to endorse marriage equality. Why are any self-respecting gays supporting him and giving him money? Beats me. He'll not get my money or my vote until he stops being a mere calculating politician and starts being a leader, and a president for the ages.

Gay blogger John Aravosis:

...let's not forget that Barack Obama had the opportunity to do so much more, on gay rights, on health care reform, on the stimulus, on eliminating tax cuts, on the budget, on immigration, on civil liberties, and he didn't. And the only reason he did as much as he did on gay rights, even though it wasn't enough, is because a great many of us in the Netroots took the arc of history and threw it in his face.

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