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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Will New York Marriage Equality Happen This Week?

Photo: View Of Copenhagen from a canal boat

Because Dan and I live in Pennsylvania getting legally married somewhere else (Canada or one of the states that has gay marriage) just hasn't made all that much sense. But all that might change this week if New York legalizes same sex marriage. Since we have a residence here in New York state, from a legal perspective we should take advantage of the opportunity to legally formalize our relationship. This is because courts are now deciding in favor of legally married same sex couples in disputes related to DOMA (see the ruling yesterday by the Federal bankruptcy court in California,) and because of tax and inheritance issues that could come up for us at any time. Legally formalizing our relationship if we can do it in New York would establish us as a married couple under New York state law, and we might actually consider declaring ourselves New York state residents to avoid the nasty Pennsylvania state taxes that unmarried partners have to pay in that state. We're excited about the prospect, but the vote hasn't happened yet.

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