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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Obama's Gay Pride Proclamation Rings Hollow

President Obama recently issued a gay pride proclamation for 2011...with no mention of marriage equality...a step backward from last year's proclamation. With these hollow words he expects our votes and our money? I don't think so.

From GetEqual:

How long must we wait for our young people to walk school hallways with pride, rather than suffering without federal safe schools legislation to make those hallways safe?

How long must we wait to hear the President of the United States value and respect ALL American families and relationships, rather than only the ones that the Religious Right embraces?

How long must our families continue to pay tens of thousands of dollars simply to assure that their children won't be ripped away from them by faulty adoption laws?

How long must we wait for our friends to feel safe at work, rather than suffering without even the most basic workplace protections that can alleviate stress and fear?

How long must we wait for our neighbors to be able to remain with their soulmates from other countries, rather than suffering without immigration policies that treat them as full American citizens?

How long must we wait for our undocumented queer youth to be able to live their American dream, rather than being deported from everything and everyone they know by a broken immigration system?

How long must we wait for our transgender siblings to serve their country with pride, rather than serving silently while fighting for the freedom of all of us?

How long must we wait to hear from the harbinger of hope elected in 2008, rather than the political cautious president we've come to know?

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