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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy Philadelphia Day 21

Photos: On Sunday, we enjoyed music and poetry at OccupyPhiladelphia festival.

Last night, the OccupyPhiladelphia general assembly ("GA") approved a letter draftet in response to the City of Philadelphia's letter listing safety and sanitation concerns. OccupyPhiladelphia (OP) hopes to continue constructive communication with the city. OP works like a direct democracy, where anyone can attend the GA, ask questions, speak, and offer amendments to proposals. OccupyPhiladelphia is also firmly committed to non-violence. Hopefully, this will enable OP to avoid violent confrontations with police such as those that happened overnight in Atlanta and Oakland. The Oakland situation in particular, should concern all of us. Why are the police using tear gas and other weapons against peaceful demonstrators exercising their constitutional right to assemble?

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