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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Remembering A Gentle Friend

Our Fire Island friend Tom Holden died earlier this month. Tom had a good, long life, only succumbing to kidney failure at 87. We met Tom and his husband Michael back around 1999. Tom was an avid gardener. He loved flowers and he was an accomplished master at Ikebana, the art of Japanese style flower arranging. When I expressed an interest in learning Ikebana, Tom lent me Ikebana books and gave me tips. We saw Tom and Michael often back in the early part of the last decade when Tom was younger and still healthy. We would have dinner together at our respective homes on Fire Island. Often, Tom would say thank you by giving us a hand painted sea shell like the one one in the photo. Tom was a gentle person. We will miss his beautiful flower arrangements and pleasant disposition.

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