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Friday, May 18, 2012

A Last Day In Strasbourg

We relaxed most of the last day that we spent in Strasbourg. We had originally intended to take the train to Nancy, but the times going back and forth did not work out. Dan visited the Palais Rohan, a neo-classical building built in 1730 for the Archbishop of Strasbourg. Inside the palace are a few museums; Dan visited the state rooms in the Decorative Arts Museum, and then he trotted upstairs to the Museum of Fine Arts. Highlights of the collection included a few Italian Renaissance works, some Italian Baroque paintings and some early Romantic works, mostly from France, with a good representation by local artists. Dan also again roamed the interior of the great Gothic Cathedral, amazed by all its exterior sculpture and the large collection of stained glass windows inside the church. Jim decided to relax and shop; his purchases included a flag of the city for the flagpole at Liberty Bell on Fire Island. He also bought a scarf to throw around his neck. In France Both men and women wear light scarves over their shoulders, in a dapper, French manner. Photos are of the great cathedral in Strasbourg--Dan

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