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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day For Our Country

We used to go to war out of necessity. We were attacked in 1941. The Nazis had to be stopped. But that all changed with the Cold War. After that we went to war out of choice. Our leaders decided that Americans had to go and die abroad for an anti-communist ideology or for a barrel of oil. In the Vietnam War era many Americans questioned this policy and since that time some patriotic Americans are not willing to blithely follow what politicians want them to do. The shift from the draft to an all volunteer army was a sinister ploy designed to allow US military adventurism to continue. The goal was to end political dissent and shift the burden of dying to the lower classes and poor. It worked all too well. The rich do not fight and die in our wars of choice. We did not need to invade Iraq. Afghanistan has been a quagmire for whatever foreign power entered it. We are hated in some places around the world for our policies that are viewed as not fair and not even-handed. Our unquenchable thirst for cheap energy drives a corrupt foreign policy. Our once great nation now founders on the shores of greed and irresponsibility. It's not a pretty picture for our veterans this Memorial Day.

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