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Monday, March 4, 2013

A Treasurable Restaurant Of St. Barths

Lobster and crab cake on a bed of Argula

Goat chees ravioli

Calamarii stuffed with mushrooms and scallops with a light tomato sauce

Lemon sorbet swimming in Grey Goose vodka

Wahoo fish - ginger and coriander sauce

Chocolat Fondant

Jim had a spectacular diving day, exploring the wreck of an old ship and having close encounters with a sea turtle and a shark. Meantime, Dan finished reading the marvelous “People of the Book,” a novel by Geraldine Brooks. Dan also created a couple more pastel images of the harbor from our villa. After Jim’s second dive of the day we drove to Corossol, a quaint and almost run-down village not far from the capital of Gustavia. In the late afternoon we attended a party held at Wall House for those who rent villas from the Wimco Company. We talked to Sally, Julie and Chip, a couple from Blue Bell, Pa, and then Greg and Robert, a couple from Toronto. For dinner we dinned at the wonderful Santa Fe in Lurin. The drive there is up steep roads, but Jim traversed the dangerous highway like a trouper. Jim started with a lobster and crab cake, while Dan enjoyed a few goat cheese raviolis where the interior melted in the mouth. Both the ‘starters’ were served on salads fortified with fresh greens. Dan then ate a marvelous roasted Wahoo fish in a ginger and coriander sauce, served over homemade mashed potatoes which soaked up the delightful flavors. Jim’s calamari was stuffed with scallops and mushrooms, served in a delicate tomato sauce. Calamari are difficult to cook without overdoing and turning the cuttlefish rubbery, but these were tender and savory. Jim was delighted to have a lemon sorbet in a cocktail glass of Grey Goose vodka for his dessert, while Dan took pleasure in his Fondant au chocolat, that special French cake with the melted interior. We both agreed that our best meal on the island, so far, was at Santa Fe. –Dan

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