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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cote Port Restaurant, St. Barthelemy

Now a very popular place on the harbor, Cote Port is a relatively new fixture in Gustavia. The setting is elegant, on the water, and the interior spacious and white. Though we arrived early, by the time we left, 90% of the tables were occupied. Service was better in the beginning of the meal, until the three members of the wait-staff were overwhelmed. The food was always good, and with some dishes, inspired. For the first course, both Jim and Dan ordered the avocado and lobster salad, served on a bed of greens doused with a tasty vinaigrette sauce. It was flavorful particularly because of its large dose of balsamic vinegar. While Jim liked the guacamole-style avocado, Dan wished that the avocado had been served without all the additions. But we are both avocado lovers, and agreed that this ‘starter’ or entrée was a hit. For his main course Jim ordered sautéed calamari on rice, with pimentos and veggies surrounding the cuttlefish. The pan-seared calamari was tender enough, if not as tasty as other squid we’ve ordered on this stay in St. Barth’s. Dan had the scallops over tagliatelle, garnished with rocket. The scallops were also sautéed meuniere style, in butter and herbs, but were few in comparison to all the pasta, which was too much to consume. Yet more is better than less when serving in restaurants. Jim’s dessert was an excellent home-made chocolate mousse, washed down with our fruity and rich Cote du Rhone rouge wine. Best of all was Dan’s dessert, the daily special. It was a prune cake served with a Chantilly whipped cream laced with chocolate sauce, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This might have been an average French homemade dessert, but it melted in the mouth, and its lingering flavors combined in an amazing way with the whipped cream. Interesting enough, though Cote Port is listed on our rental agency, Wimco’s restaurant list as ‘one Euro’ it is really three, and probably the prices have jumped a bit since the company’s recommendations were first printed. –Dan

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