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Monday, February 25, 2008

Just Don't Eat Meat!

After being approved for slaughter, cattle must walk up a serpentine
90-foot chute, on an incline, before being killed, Mr. Magidow said. The chute
meanders in part so that cattle won't suspect what is about to happen to them,
he said. The incline helps ensure that only cattle able to walk and stand on
their own can make it to the slaughtering line.

The "Mr. Madigow" of the above referenced quote from the Wall Street Journal, is the general manager of the meat packing firm that was the subject of videotaped animal cruelty with sick cattle being prodded with electricity and water hoses and pushed to their death with fork lifts. Note that when things are going just swell at the slaughterhouse, the cattle are tricked into marching to their own death lest they "suspect what is about to happen to them."

Well, that's an acknowledgement from someone who knows that animals are aware (sentient) and capable of fear and suffering. Now, if you can do the killing yourself; if you're that kind of person then I guess you'll go ahead and continue to eat meat. But if you can't personally kill a cow, stop eating those god damned hamburgers. If you can't strangle a chicken or cut it's feet off and watch it bleed to death, then stop eating them. But don't continue to consume animals unless you're prepared to assume the guilt for their suffering and their deaths.

Today it's easier than ever to eat ethically and humanely. There are plenty of food alternatives available. It takes some effort and work , but it's healthier for you physically and mentally, and spiritually for those of you who are spiritual.


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