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Friday, February 8, 2008

The Warped World Of "Conservative" Talk Radio

Watching the circus on the right with AM talk radio nut cases ripping their own party is fun, until you realize how sad it is that this small handful of loudmouth evildoers has so much sway with a segment of the American population. We used to have something called the "Fairness Doctrine," which the right wing hated, and which required that a balance of viewpoints be presented on the public airwaves. Yes, remember, the airwaves are public, not private. Private companies are licensed to broadcast over the air, but they don't own the airwaves. Since the demise of the Fairness Doctrine, right wing talk radio has blossomed. It's now so unbalanced that there is basically only the right wing perspective that AM listeners hear. Furthermore, the demogogues of the far right now have become the spokespersons for the "conservative" movement, or at least that's what the rest of the media would have you believe. Actually, these talk radio self-appointed conservative spokespersons are nothing more than high paid advocates for the most evil forms of greed and selfishness, masquerading as "conservativism." However, they now have the power, or think they have the power, to dethrone even the winner of the Repubican Party primaries. Something is radicaly wrong with that scenaio, but nobody seems to realize it. Rather, mainsream media pundits regularly mention the AM talk radio demogogues in discussions of politics on national network TV news and political shows, afording them a legitimacy that they do not deserve. Yes, warped and sad are the words for this circus of the right.

BTW, somebody please bring me a stake so that I can drive it into the heart of Mitt Romney's candidacy. Otherwise he'll be back in 2012.


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