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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Book Explains 40 Years Of Conservative Domination

According to a book review in today's New York Times, a new book, “The Liberal Hour” by G. Calvin Mackenzie and Robert Weisbrot, two professors at Colby College, makes the case that the blame for the last 40 years of conservative/Republican domination can be traced to "overreaching by liberals" in the 1960s, in particular, by President Lyndon Johnson:
He never appreciated the limits of good intentions, especially his own.
Like many a tragic hero, Johnson was brought down by hubris. And Democrats, Mr.
Mackenzie and Mr. Weisbrot tell us, are still paying the price.
That is a fascinating theory. I wonder if the overreaching by Bush Junior in Iraq and with his ultra conservative domestic agenda will result in a swing of the political pendulum back in the other direction.
PHOTO: The Cherry Bowl volleyball game held last week in Cherry Grove

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