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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Woodstock 39 Years Ago This Month

I was working my way through college in the summer of '69. A friend and I planned to drive up to Woodstock in my jalopy, a 1950 Plymouth sedan. I wasn't sure the car would make it, but we never found out because he decided not to go at the last minute and so I went in to work instead (I was working the graveyard shift at an ice house - a cool place to work in the hot summertime.)Well, I've regretted not going to Woodstock ever since, although if given a second chance I would rather have been at Monterey two years earlier. I had long hair in those days, I only did grass and hash, never the hard stuff, but I loved the music and I loved the feeling of the late 60s. Debussy called Wagner's music "a beautiful sunset that has been mistaken for a sunrise." Likewise, the late 60s was, we thought, a lovely sunrise of beauty, optimism, and love...the "dawning of the age of aquarius," that ultimately turned out to be a sunset.

I originally posted this to a thread on a new forum that I recently joined at, a site for people who have heart valve disease, like me. I first found out that I had a problem with my aortic valve four years ago. It's the kind of thing that can get progressively worse, and mine is following that path. I will probably need open heart surgery and a valve replacement sometime in the future but I don't know when. The forum is great because there are a lot of knowledgeable people who post there. Questions and discussions are encouraged. Members are very supportive of each other, which helps.


PHOTO: One of the delicate delights in the garden, the Heavenly Blue morning glory

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