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Friday, August 1, 2008

Wrong: Eating Animals

Today's editorial in the New York Times includes references to the animal cruelty that went on in a U.S. food processing plant recently. I could't read it without cringing, just like I can't look at pictures of animal cruelty. But I also can't ignore the facts and I can't ignore the suffering of animals by averting my eyes.
"The food industry kills more animals than laboratories, fur farmers,
trappers, circuses, and hunters combined. Cutting meat, eggs, and dairy products
from your diet makes an enormous difference—you will save more than 100 animals
every year just by switching to a healthy, vegan diet." - from PETA
Animals are not ours to eat or to wear or to entertain us, claims PETA, and they're right.
PHOTO courtesy PETA

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