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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Time For The Gay Community To Celebrate

It appears as though it's a clean sweep for the anti-gay bigots. Marriage equality was defeated in Florida, Arizona, and probably in California. In Arkansas, the good citizens passed a ban on gay people adopting children. In California, the heavily Black and Hispanic populations of Los Angeles County actually voted in the majority in favor of Proposition 8 while voting for Obama. It's a black day for gay rights. As one writer put it on another blog:

Obama has become a powerful role-model for oppressed minorities in America.
He has set an example for African Americans in particular, whom exit poles
indicated as voting over 70% in favor of Proposition 8, on how to vote
homophobically while maintaining a clear conscience. In Obama's America,
non-whites have finally won acceptance into the highest reaches of mainstream
society, but queers remain firmly shut out.

I have no expectations that the plight of the gay community will improve under President Obama. I have no reason to have any such hope.


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