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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Will Obama Stand Up For Gay Rights?

Obama's lack of concern for gay community was evident during the election. He did little to help out and we got creamed on election day.

Frank Rich:

The success of the four state initiatives banning either same-sex marriage or same-sex adoptions was the sole retro trend on Tuesday. And Obama, who largely soft-pedaled the issue this year, was little help. In California, where other races split more or less evenly on a same-sex marriage ban, some 70 percent of black voters contributed to its narrow victory.

In Arkansas, they passed another initiative aimed at stopping gay couples from adopting even though there is a crying need for foster parents in that state. The usual suspects, evangelicals and conservatives, were behind the initiative.

Gays have every right to be outraged at the continuing demonization aimed at us by fundamentalist bigots, Christian and Mormon churcdhes, and retrograde political conservatives. This has to stop! One thing we need to do is to insist that the new president step up to the plate on behalf of the gay community.


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