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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Wacky Religionist "Do-Gooders"

And for all the do-gooders who want to start waving their religious
beliefs in my face, please don't. While I respect your right to
believe what you want, please also respect mine. I do not believe in religion.
Your arguments hold no weight with me. If it comes down to a life not worth
living, then I would rather no life at all.

This was written by a friend of mine, named Anna, who lives in New Zealand. Anna will have open heart surgery on December 10. On her blog she wrote about her wishes should something go wrong and she ends up in a situation where she cannot recover and has no real prospects. She wants out. I understand and agree with her. It's a shame that good people like Anna who are facing great challenges have to worry about the religionists and their wacky cults and the effect that they have on everybody else.


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