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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Obama: Governing From The Center?

Will he make Hillary Secretary Of State? I doubt it, but Obama I think will turn out to be unpredictable. One thing that distresses me is the thought expressed by some pundits that Obama will "govern from the center." That's just what we don't need...more Democratic Leadership Council centrism in the mold of Bill Clinton. That will mean no real health care reform, and backtracking on progressive positions in regard to taxation, the environment, and gay rights (DADT), to name just a few. Why is it that when the Republicans get into office they govern from the right wing fringe yet when the Democrats get their chance they feel that they have to be "centrist?" The public pandering to turncoat Democrat Joe Leiberman is an example of the wimpy way Democrats behave too much of the time. Kick him out and do with Bush Junior said he would do when he won the second time: use the political capital you've earned to push through your agenda. I'm already disappointed in Obama and he hasn't even been inaugurated yet. I didn't vote for him but I had high hopes anyway. Silly me.


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