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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Franken Bashing O-Rama

The above link takes you to a Politico hit story by Alexander Burns. Here is a quote:
"Marty Seifert, the Republican leader in the Minnesota House of Representatives, said Franken’s long record of antagonizing conservatives would make it difficult for him to connect with voters who supported Coleman."

This is the same Marty Seifert that voted for voter ID cards (a nice touch from Karl Rove). He also voted against trading with Cuba and voted against stem cell research. He also voted against a long term study by the University of Minnesota on lung cancer among taconite miner on the Iron Range. By the way, the long range study by U of M passed however every single Republican in the Minnesota legislature voted against it save one (Larry Howes). Mining is such a dangerous job and it is key to our country's energy reserves, compared to what we've wasted in Iraq short changing miners is like short changing veterans.

The babble goes on and tells everyone how Rush Limbaugh disapproves of Franken and how the Republican party has already established Franken's low approval rating.

Fascinating. Read the article. I've read all of Al Franken's books. I've read almost all of his magazine articles and I had listened to his Air America show quite a few times. The guy is absolutely brilliant, has a cutting sense of humor and has a complete grasp of US and Foreign policy. He is also connected to almost every major political mover or shaker in the country. Please don't tell me that this guy isn't good for all Minnesotans. Did I mention he went to Blake School and Harvard? By the way, his Dad and Grandfather didn't get him in, he got in himself.

Is there no off switch to the Limbaugh/Palin/Coleman/weak ass Republican State Leader chatter box? I am begging the American people to wake up and remember, nothing good comes out of the folks that are stabbing at a guy like Al Franken. Al has worked for every dollar he's received and believe it or not, they've all come honestly and because quite a few Americans like what he has to say. Apparently some Minnesotans feel the same way.
Look, if the recount came out in Coleman's favor, Al would have already bowed out and said fine, I'm done. What Norm Coleman is doing right now is being a sore loser. He lost. Look, even if he somehow retained his seat much of his time is going to be spent dealing with some legal issues and possibly Senate censure. Oh ya, the Republicans forgot that part. See, they'd rather do what's right for the Republicans and not for Minnesotans or the United States.

Let's look at the non-cyclical wreckage we have left from the Republicans:

War without end.

War with endless costs.

Largest deficits in history.

Largest National Debt in history.

Most capital destroyed in shortest period of time.

A likely global depression or extended recession.

and quite possibly a whole bunch of really wealthy people with dollars that are worth nothing because we've outsourced all of the manufacturing and so called "shit jobs" to someone else.
Jump here to Joe Conason's brilliant article on the GOP Franken Bash-Fest. He essentially says that if scumbags like Rush and O'Reilly think Al stole the election, prove it. It's a great article by Joe and worth the read.

Minnesotans, wake up and send Al to the Senate. Really, the bottom line is he's a good guy and he can't fuck up any worse than Norm.


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