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Monday, January 26, 2009

Has anyone noticed?

Has anyone noticed we (the American Public) seem to keep talking about how layoffs are piling up, we seem to be getting nowhere fast with all of the money the Bushies gave big business and (wait for it): executives still seem to be taking home millions of dollars?

What the f--k? I don't get it! These a-holes are essentially making our dollars worthless, it looks like we are on the express train to the Weimar Republic and they are still taking home huge paychecks! I don't see Merrill or B of A or Bear Stearns management having trouble making mortgage payments. I sure as hell am.
I see it in the workplace every day. Every day all I hear about is how co-pays are going up because all companies needs to stay competitive, how every single employee's profitability is getting looked at and how pay decreases are actually pay increases if you squint real hard and pretend the numbers are really reversed and the bullshit pay system actually works. And yet I've seen NO management get laid off or even show the slightest downturn in their paychecks.

It's really effecting my morale. I think large companies now know they have employees by the testicles and are doing everything they can to fuck us as much as possible as often as possible. I won't get into too much detail however the garbage I see in email is starting to really stink and I feel like I have no options but to sit and take it up the kazoo.
By the way, a huge fucking depression really does show how weak quite a few managers are. Not all management is mediocre but most are. The ideas I've been seeing in some big companies are really bad. And what's worse, nobody seems to be asking the folks that really know what's going on, the grunts that do all of the work. I swear, if you've seen some of the clusterfuck ideas I've seen, you scratch your head and wonder how many managers were actually dropped on their heads at birth and drank baby formula from a Chinese chemical factory.

How many of you out there feel like they've lost control of their future as well? God I hope we don't have to rely on politicians to un-screw the country.


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