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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keep The Separation Of Church And State Wall High

Art Leonard on why there should be no religious invocations at inaugurations, or before sessions of congress, and no "In God We Trust" on our money:

I just believe in a really high wall of separation between church and state, which I believe protects my religious freedom as a Jew in a country where the vast majority are Christians. It also protects the religious freedom of American Muslims, Buddhists, and adherents to the scores of other non--Christian religions represented in our diverse nation, as well as the small but significant portion of the population which avows no religious faith. The First Amendment is there to protect all of us, and breaches in its protection on civic occasions are objectionable to me, and should be to anybody who cares about the promise of America as an egalitarian society. I wish Obama could be convinced of that.

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