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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm Tired of War

I think most people would agree that killing other people is a bad idea. At least that's what I have to believe, even though it seems like our country is still ape shit with "gun totin goodness".
Nope, this isn't about guns or gun control. It's about the fact that we still are in two wars and we are going broke. Didn't the Soviet Union go broke in Afghanistan? I just watched Robert Gates on Sixty Minutes with Katie Couric. He seems to have no idea when we will be out of Afghanistan. From what I can tell, it will be when there's a Starbucks in every town and new Walmart's springing up like sunflowers in Kabul.
So, as I see it, we have two little problems. The first is that history doesn't seem to be on our side. A whole bunch of very big armies including ours have trouble taming Afghanistan. It hasn't been done ever by anyone.
The second is a little more vexing. Ya see, we don't have the cash to tame the un-tameable. We're broke. And we keep writing checks to rich white guys that made a mess out of our banking system in the first place. I saw some stats this week that Social Security and Medicare are also going to run out of cash before I die. Now I think that's horse shit, however there is a little merit to some numerical evidence.
I think we have our national priorities just a little askew. We just can't keep writing checks for a war that cannot be won. We also need to stop writing checks for a financial industry that is still completely corrupt and morally bankrupt.
Ya starting to see a theme here? Are our elected officials, be they Democrat or Republican really reflecting reality? Forget about best interests, I'd settle right now for reality and best interests in a year or two?
So let's agree on one thing; if we can't afford to get sick, pay for our house, car, and basics, maybe a trillion for a war of vanity and a couple of trillion for a corporate bailout is not the best idea? What happens when there really is a "rainy day" (hurrican, flood or even something worse)?
Stop the war and stop killing our troops for no good reason, that's a good start.

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