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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Roman Ruins In Nimes

Yesterday we stopped at the Pont du Gard (outside Nimes) to see that ancient
and amazing Roman aqueduct. It transported water into the city for four hundred years before silting-up. In Nimes itself we enjoyed seeing the Roman arena and the well-preserved temple
which the French call "La Maison Caree," or 'square house.' (See the above photos of the Pont and the Maison Caree.) Our final destination was the beautiful, mainly 17th century city of Montauban, where we will be staying for four nights--the end of our stay in France before
we leave for Portugal. We drove away from crowded and rainy Avignon, and are delighted
to be in a lesser-known but friendly city.
For more information about the ancient Roman presence in France, see the article by Elizabeth Sciolino in today's N Y TIMES, in the travel section. Her fascinating piece also includes a slide show of more treasures from 'Roman France.'

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