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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In The Hills Above Antibes

Yesterday we drove to Vence and St-Paul de Vence. In Vence the old town is lovely,unspoiled and with plentiful Medieval buildings. People are tres agreable, friendly and pleasant. The highlight of Vence is Matisse's simple and exquisite Chapel of the Rosary, with its windows of blue, green and yellow: the colors of sky, sea and sun as Sylvia Plath declared. Then we enjoyed the 20th century art collection of the Fondation Maeght in St-Paul, with its incredible Miro labyrinth, full of his sculptures and ceramics, some turned into or sitting in fountains. After that we wandered around the town of St Paul, perched high on its hill in the middle of the Provencal mountains and fields.

For a delightful conclusion to the morning we had lunch at La Colombe d'Or. It's the most civilized way to dine in the area, a concept the French developed to an extraordinary degree. Though we ate on the terrace, there was also time to wander through the main dining room, full of first rate paintings by Calder, Miro, Picasso, Leger and Braque; in the early part of the last century these artists would often stay/dine at the auberge La Colombe and pay for the experience with art works instead of cash! How smart were the owners, the Roux, to accept the handiworks of the early 20th century masters. After a drive back to Juan les Pins Jim decided it was time for more fun on the beach and swimming in the Mediterranean.


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