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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Republicans Couldn't Be More Wrong....

Wow!  Reading and watching the psychosis from Cheney, Gingrich and McCain, you'd think the Republican party cleaned up in 2008.

Fact is, the Republcan's did rather poorly in 2008 elections.  

Could it be that 1 million people new people are out of work every month?


Could it be that the global economy is in the tank because of Republicans and Democrats?  
Could it be we tortured people with no real intelligence value and we hurt world opinion of the US for decades?


Could it be we are still in multiple wars we cannot afford that are doing zero to improve our national security? 


Could it be that the entire Middle East has been destabilized because our idiot politicians chose to stick a military solution in without any kind of knowledge or understanding?  Well, that is true but that isn't the reason the Republicans are sucking wind.

I'm not sure there is any one reason the Republicans suck.  Or maybe there's just too many to choose from.  The Democrats aren't far behind though; they're still conducting a war we cannot afford and they are still sucking up to the same scumbag bankers the Republicans call "Daddy".

I do have one opinion after reading about 100 newspaper articles and listening to Liberals and Conservatives alike.  The Republicans are predominantly very wealthy white people that are out of touch with a culturally diverse, economically diverse, evolving country that does not want to embrace the ideas of the late 18th and early 19th century.  

They are almost completely out of ideas.  And in our society, ideas can antiquate very quickly.  If you listen to the Republican entertainment channel (Fox, Rush, whatever), they are still waxing on about ism's.  Capitalism, socialism, communism.  Capitalism has never been a "right" in the American government.  As a matter of fact, the framers took great pains to keep the economy and the actual ideals of our government apart.

What I think the American people want, especially youth is a new way of looking at our place in the world.  Those parts and pieces like the economy, like security, like the environment, like education all fall under that.  

There are a whole bunch of great reasons to be an American.  One of them is that our framers had the foresight to architect a government that was based on a living document; The US Constitution.  They had correctly surmised that time, technology, economics, geography and circumstances would change.  This is something that seems to completely elude the Republican Party.   It's one of the reasons I still am a Democrat, in spite of the the spineless wussies I think they are.   I am not a spinless wussy and I will do my best to add backbone.  How?  By a few new ideas I think my country needs.

And until we have some new ideas and a serious approach to our participation in being part of the world's stage, we'll still be a toddler waving his guns.  It's hard to be introspective, it's easy to gravitate to any answer that seems to fit.  We need to rethink who we are and where we are going.

It's going to be difficult but I guarantee it will be worth it.


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