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Thursday, March 22, 2012

About The Arrests In Dominica

Two of our fellow passengers were arrested in Dominica yesterday and charged with indecent exposure and "buggery" while they were on board the ship. Apparently someone was watching the ship very closely. The ship was docked
at a pier that is probably a couple of hundred yards from shore. While I think having sex on your balcony was not a great idea in port, someone must have been using binoculars or some such in order to be able to spot the guys and identify the cabin location. I can see authorities not permitting the offenders on shore, but arresting them and detaining them? I disagree with Atlantis' policy of visiting these places with homophobic laws. My husband was on a trolley tour of the town and they were subjected to homophobic slurs. Who needs it? Why give them our dollars?

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lezbeehonest said...

I agree that these cruises should not travel to homophobic places. What your husband and those two passengers were subjected to----reminds me of Rosie O'Donnell's documentary "All Board". The townspeople protested against the gay families--the same people that were traveling and touring and bringing in revenue. It's sad that people are so miserable and so 'high and mighty' that they will go to any lengths to scorn and hurt others.