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Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Barths...The Best Of Trip!

French St. Barthelemy…what can you say about a place that makes you feel so wonderful and offers you so much? Returning to this lovely island yesterday I anticipated much. But St. Barths didn’t disappoint. The natural beauty of the island combined with the feeling of being somewhere truly special…over the rainbow….was almost overwhelming for me. Since this was our third annual visit to St. Barths, we are familiar with it and I have grown to really love the place. For me it is truly a home away from home, more so than anywhere else in the world that we have visited repeatedly. Our visit this year was only for a day, but what a day! This week the island is hosting the annual “Bucket Regatta,” so Gustavia harbor was filled with beautiful sailboats with exotic names and home base registrations from London, Georgetown, Valletta, etc. We had a delicious lunch at Wall House restaurant, where the food is always wonderful and the owner always gracious. I spent the day with my young dive master Jean, who took me twice to the depths in the beautiful waters surrounding the island. While I previously dived this week in Grenada and Dominica, my best dives and my best diving photographs were in St. Barths. The island was crowded with people here for the regatta, so we were unable to have dinner as planned at Eddy’s, which was completely reserved. But there is no shortage of great places to dine on St. Barths, and so we enjoyed a fine and leisurely French dinner at The Palace restaurant. Leaving for out ship after dinner we passed the spectacularly illuminated row of sailboats in the harbor. The longing for this beloved place that I have is mitigated only by my determination to return.

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