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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Au Revoir St.Barths

What a great week Dan and I had at our home away from home on St. Barths. A special highlight of the week was a meetup of fellow fans of this special paradise from an on line forum that was held midweek. It was great to meet so many forum friends. Our second time being on island for Carnaval was also a special treat. We enjoyed so many wonderful dining experiences returning to some old favorites and discovering some new ones. I had a fantastic week of scuba diving visiting several new sites for me and seeing so many beautiful underwater vistas. At age 65 with the strong possibility of heart surgery looming I'm never sure when my last visit will occur to the underwater world that I love so much. So today we return to the cold north land with our photos and memories, and to our beloved pets, whose furry appreciation will sooth the longing for our special island.

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