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Saturday, March 8, 2014

St. Barts: Diving The "Non-Stop" Wreck

Friday, for my final day of diving for this trip, my dive operator John visited yet another wreck lying in the relatively shallow waters just offshore, the "Non-Stop" wreck. It appears to be a relatively intact twin screw powered barge that sits upside down in about 50 feet of water. John explained that it hit a rock, which is now marked with a special buoy, near Les Gros Islets, and sunk, spilling its cargo over a huge area of the sea floor. As with any wreck, the site is attracting a wide variety of sea life. Lobsters, in particular, seem attracted to wrecks with the many crevices into which they can go. In the photos are a blue tang, groupers, trunkfish, a beautiful queen angelfish, a delicate little arrow crab, a featherduster worm, a spotted moray eel, and a couple of lobsters.

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