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Saturday, March 1, 2014

St. Barths Dining: Return to Maya’s

Today Jim enjoyed two dives under the Caribbean Sea, where he saw lobsters, a sea turtle and many types of fishes. Up on the land we had a couple of brief showers, but the temperature was warm and we made a great salad for lunch; it contained greens, fennel, mushrooms, multi-colored tomatoes, blue cheese, soft chevre (goat cheese), and smoked salmon, all covered with a mustard dressing. But the highlight of the day for both of us was dinner at Maya’s, a famed restaurant in the town of Public, which has been around since 1984. It was packed with customers tonight and the restaurant has a changing menu on a daily basis. Plus, they offer specials on top of the printed menu’s offerings. For appetizer Jim had a delicate calamari with arugula salad, and Dan enjoyed a local squash which was served gratinee, a baked cheese covering the vegetable. Jim’s fish entrée was a grilled snapper and Dan had a lovely and delicate Sole Meuniere, which had been baked in butter with a light coating of spices. Jim’s light gateau au Chocolat proved delectable, and Dan ordered a delicious and very sweet orange cake served with liquor sauce and a mango sorbet. Best of all was the rich burgundy wine, tasting of many varieties of fruits, from the vineyard Blaye, year 2009. Happily, Jim knew where to park at Maya’s, and those friends who have been there (that means you, Richard K!) will be surprised to know that we did not smack the car into a concrete wall tonight. More adventures to follow tomorrow. –Dan

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