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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bush: Dear Leader Finally Speaks

From today's New York Times lead editorial:

It took President Bush until Wednesday night to address the American people
about the nation’s financial crisis, and pretty much all he had to offer was
fear itself. There was no acknowledgement of the shocking failure of government
regulation, or that the country cannot afford more tax cuts for the very wealthy
and budget-busting wars, or that spending at least $700 billion of taxpayers’
money to bail out Wall Street and the banks should be done carefully,
transparently and with oversight by Congress and the courts.

The Times doesn' think much of either McCain's or Obama's leadership in this crisis either, although they're harsher on McCain and his ploy to postpone the debate Friday. It does look like the outrage of the American poeple has put the brakes on any blank check for Wall Street.


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