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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friedman's Lament: McCain-Palin

"Who cares how much steel John McCain has in his gut when the steel that today
holds up our bridges, railroads, nuclear reactors and other infrastructure is
rusting? McCain talks about how he would build dozens of nuclear power plants.
Oh, really? They go for $10 billion a pop. Where is the money going to come
from? From lowering taxes? From banning abortions? From borrowing more from
China? From having Sarah Palin “reform” Washington — as if she has any more clue
how to do that than the first 100 names in the D.C. phonebook?

- Tom Friedman in today's New York Times.

Yet boobus America, or half of it, is ready to elect McCain and his clueless female Alaskan put bull with the bouffant hair. Go figure.


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