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Monday, September 8, 2008

The McCain Carnival

As I have made a point on this blog numerous times, it is time to ask more questions. The whole Palin discussion, repeated Gaffes by John McCain and the antics of the Republican National Convention are all part of the Republican re-election carnival.

Wake up people, Liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, Libertarians, what ever you feel like labeling yourself. The whole Republican campaign is a never ending street game.

What do I mean by a street game? Well, if you lived or worked in New York City for more than a week, you know what a street game is. A street game is a couple of guys that set up a table and play a shell game or do bets on a card game. They've been largely outlawed in NYC but they can still be found. Or you could go to any carnival or state fair. They have motor cycles and high end gaming systems hanging from the rafters; all you have to do is get a ring around the top of a jar. Everyone wins it, right?

These games are all rip offs. Designed to part a fool and his money. The current McCain show is shooting to part a fool and his vote. Don't be fooled, this guy and his cronies:

Support Big Oil
Tax Cuts for the wealthy
He has essentially no plan for the economy
He has no plan at all for healthcare
Will continue to ignore education and support the "no child left behind crapola".
Doesn't support troops before and AFTER they've fought.
Is heavily supported by lobbyists.
Wants endless war
Not a paragon of "family values"

and on and on. He has been up GW's keister 90% of the time.

This guy is bad news and we have a very solid competitor that will definitely work with congress to turn this mess around. Remember, before GW we had a surplus and jobs were still getting created in THIS country. We are losing more jobs now than in any recession prior.

Vote for anyone else but McCain.


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