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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nasty McCain, Cool Obama: The First Debate

McCain was nasty but came off as the more decisive, continually hitting Obama as not understanding Iraq and being inexperienced. Obama made some good points, but his demeanor was too mild. McCain scored the kind of rhetorical jabs that resonate with people, Obama did not. I would say that McCain clearly won the debate on points even though neither candidate scored a knockout. Democrats, no matter who they nominate, seem to be unable to duke it out with Republicans on the level that appeals to average voters, who are not sophisticated and tend to view debates like they are sporting events. Silly little phrases like "you don't understand" mean nothing substantive but mean everything to voters with sports fan mentalities. Republicans like McCain know how to play the rhetorical game. Obama does not. Too bad. I think Obama's chances were not helped by last night's debate.


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