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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Carly Fiorina and McCain's Character

One thing I haven't seen in the whole McCain campaign has been people from Arizona articulating what an amazing job this guy has done for the state. I'd actually kind of like to know that. I live in a CT and Chris Murphy is one of our representatives. Frankly the guy is incredible.

He's accessible, he responds to personal emails and I've seen the guy REALLY introduce legislation to help small businesses in Connecticut. Connecticut is a really harsh state for small business. Taxes are high and the cost of doing business is high. So I see Chris Murphy talking at a Stop and Shop (of all places) asking regular people what they think. And not just what they think about small business but about the war in Iraq, the economy and about our schools and education. At least he is asking.

Back to John McCain. I'm getting the "Daddy knows best young man" vibe from him, just like the rest of the Republican party. I don't need another father, mine did a good job thanks. I need a president that will represent the constituents that elected him regardless of prior committments, character and any other crap that can be dredged up. Hence my discussion: where are all of the folks from Arizona that love this guy? And why do they love this guy?

Ok, one last thought. I was watching the Republican convention and they had old Carly Fiorina up there spewing her crap. As someone that had a chance to see her in action firsthand at HP, I can tell you that without a doubt, she is probably one of the most morally corrupt characters anywhere. Where and how can I make such an assertion? Through close personal observation. Through watching her out of control, "let them eat cake" management style at HP. Carly is driven exclusively by opportunity and ego and love. Yep, she has an undying love for herself that parallels no other. If her ego was materialized into a Twinkie it would have no cream filling and weigh roughly six tons (paying a little homage to Ghostbusters).

The fact that John McCain has aligned himself with someone that laid off thousands of Americans and than sent their jobs straight to India should tell the voters volumes. Carly's view of America is the same as many of the Republican elite. Think Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist England and you are on the right track. You are either a dirt poor serf or landed gentry. Nothing inbetween.

7 Houses equates to "Landed Gentry". McCain and Carly deserve each other. Don't put them in the White House. I guarantee you'll see Carly again if you do and next time, she'll be picking up the mantle from Condi Rice. Wouldn't that be nice?


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