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Friday, December 12, 2008

Destroy The UAW: What The Republicans Really Want

The Republicans scuttled the bailout of Detroit for one primary reason: to break the United Auto Worker's union. What do they have to lose? The devastation that the collapse of the American auto industry will cause - the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and small to medium sized businesses - will be Obama's problem in January, not theirs. This is their golden opportunity to finish the job that Ronald Reagan started when he broke the air traffic controller's union. That lead to the decline of union power over the past quarter century. Now the Republicans can finish off one of the last strong unions in the country, the UAW.

American workers, those "Reagan Democrats," a lot of them, have supported the Republican Party to their own detriment. Too bad that it's too late now to reverse the trend, even if they finally wake up and see what has been done to them by the very people they voted for.


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