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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Milk: The Film

Out gay law Professor and blogger Art Leonard writes:

The depiction of Harvey Milk's scorn for the milquetoast media campaign
that the gay "powers" were running against the Briggs Initiative is very timely,
in light of the scorn many of us have expressed for the similarly evasive and
"closeted" campaign that the No on 8 people ran, without success, in

Too bad we didn't learn any lessons about coming out in 30 years!

I was concerned, when I first read about this film being made, that
stocking the leading cast with ostensibly straight actors would mean a lack of
poetic truth in the result.... but they all enter into the enterprise such gusto
that this is never really a concern. When Harvey and Scott first link lips
in the subway, you know that Hollywood has finally seemed to get over the qualms
about "playing gay" on screen.

We're set to see the film this evening with friends.


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