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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Obama Is Not Charming Enough

Obama is not charming enough to make the bigots on the right behave when it comes to gay equality. Says Barney Frank:

"I think Rick Warren's comments, comparing same-sex relationships to incest, is deeply offensive, wildly inaccurate, and very socially disruptive," Frank said. "And I'm glad he is talking to the Muslims. I'm glad everybody's talking to everybody. We're not here talking about not having conversations. We're talking about singling somebody out for a great honor. And I think the president-elect made a serious mistake in doing that."

Frank thinks that Obama overestimates his own ability to charm the right wing into being nice and being cooperative. I think Barney is right and Obama is deluded. But Obama is not alone. Andrew Sullivan, and even Melissa Ethridge think we ought to be talking nice with bigot Warren and his ilk. Do we never learn?


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