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Friday, December 19, 2008

Obama's Inclusiveness Includes Bigotry

As others have pointed out, if Obama really wants to be "inclusive," then why not invite an anti-black racist, and an anti-Semite to co-officiate at his inauguration? Then he can open up a dialog with these bigots at the same time he's making nice to anti-gay "Pastor" Rick Warren. But he would never invite a David Duke or some Jew hater because that would provoke universal outrage. Yet anti-gay bigots are still getting a free pass from Obama.

For Obama, gay people remain the only remaining minority that it's still OK to demonize. I find this outrageous. I won't be watching the Obama inauguration. Gay people should not participate. The gay and lesbian marching band that is supposed to march in the inaugural parade should stay home. The gay community should rise up in anger over this. For the gay community there should be anti-Rick Warren demonstrations on inauguration day, not celebrations.


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