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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

At Sea On The Celebrity Silhouette

We left the Greek island of Corfu Tuesday afternoon and began slowly sailing toward Mykonos, where we will arrive on Thursday morning. So we have a day at sea on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening, Rich Campbell (photo), the owner of Atlantis, invited guests who have sailed with him on four or more cruises to a cocktail party with an open bar and lots of tasty finger food. Mr. Campbell thanked his returning customers and announced two new cruise iteneraries for 2014. On Wednesday, the perfect weather in the vicinity of Greece meant that the pool area of the ship would be packed. I (Jim) staked out a lounge chair near the pool early on and enjoyed it throughout the day. The Atlantis team's most importamt member is a man named Malcolm. Malcolm is the cruise director for Atlantis. He works with the Celebrity cruise director and staff to insure that the cruise is enjoyable for Atlantis customers. One of the activities that Atlantis offers are pool side entertainments known as pool games. Today Malcolm, dressed in drag (photo) hosted a game called Project Runway. Teams of men are given white bed sheets and instructed to improvise an outfit. Celebrity judges comment on the resulting costumes and the audience selects the winning team (see photo.) It's a fun activity, just one of the many special aspects of an Atlantis cruise that appeals to me. This afternoon there will be another tea dance with a theme. This time the theme is 70s disco, so I'm about to put on my tie dyed shirt and join in the fun. It's really enjoyable and affirming to be among so many other gay people while we're all enjoying ourselves. There is nothing else like it.

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