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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Return to Dubrovnik

We sailed into Dalmatia and the beautiful Croatian Republic on Sunday. Picture mountains coming down to the sea, and foliage of palm trees, bougainvillea, cypress and more. The last time we visited this walled city was before the terrible Serbian War in 1991. Then, the medieval and Renaissance city was bombed. Now it has been totally restored and one would never know that it survived a war, which was worse here than World War II. My guide on the cable car/town tour mentioned that life was better under Tito and his socialist brand of Communism. Then everyone had a guaranteed job and the standard of living was higher. Then, as now, tourism was the main industry and 80% of the population of around 48,000 people survive by that means of livelihood. While Dan was on the bus tour, Jim visited the Dubrovnik Sea World and enjoyed seeing underwater animal life. Today (Monday August 26) we are in Kotor, Montenegro. —Dan

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