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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last Dinner In Venice

Photo: Dan at the Ca' D'Oro

Yesterday afternoon’s adventures in Venice included a visit to the famed Ca’ d’Oro (House of Gold,) a beautiful palace on the Grand Canal. Then we headed by boat back towards our hotel. Dan departed the boat to explore the Correr Museum, on St. Mark’s Square. This vast museum includes apartments of the Hapsburg Emperor Franz Joseph (since Venice was part of the Austrian Empire by the early 19th century,) a museum of cultural artifacts from the earlier Republic of Venice, an archaeological museum and a painting gallery. After a short rest at the hotel we headed out to our last dinner, at Il Galleon Nuovo, on the Via Garibaldi in the Arsenale part of town. The food was authentic Venetian, which is very tasty and piquant, perfect for folks who love seafood. We started with a Spider Crab, which has a unique flavor and is common to Venice. Then Dan enjoyed the cuttlefish in its ink with polenta and Jim had a fish fillet with vegetables. This meal was again enjoyed in an outdoor setting. –Dan

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